Marshall Marches into Fashion Market with Marshall Clothing Collection

After supplying musicians with amplification systems for over half a century and consumers with headphones and speakers in recent time, the iconic name in rock Marshall is gearing up to offer you clothing too. Yes. You heard us. Apparels, which in itself is a totally uncharted territory for the 50 year-old England-based company. The collection, […]

Here’s the Ninja Suit for Adventurers Who Needs to Brave the Cold

now. Ninja fanatics don’t get too excited yet. this Ninja Suit here will not make you stealthy (in fact, it’s probably the opposite) and neither does it have secret pockets for your Shurikens or smog bomb. it will however keep you warm in those freezing cold weather when you are out in the wilderness (likely […]

Custom Men’s Wear Label, Marcella, Extends Its Reach into the U.S. Market With Flagship Store In New York

no two person are born with the same physical size, which means apparels are never one-size-fits all and going on tailor made route seems like a logical move if you want something actually fits your body. the only problem is, bespoke custom apparels for men are usually reserved for the elite few, but Singapore-based label, […]

Alton Lane Uses 3D Body Scanner To Create Perfect Bespoke Fitted Clothes

don’t worry, these are not security body scanners and they are certainly not x-ray scanners either, but what bespoke fitted clothing maker Alton Lane uses is an advanced 360-degree body scanner, rigged with 32 sensors to produce an avatar of you (basically, wire-mesh version of you) with over 160 different body measurements. these data, along […]

Woodies Clothing Could Be The Most Detailed Tailor Made Shirt, Ever

if you are tired of how shirtmakers are serving up shirts to you wholesale, then you really have check out Woodies Clothing. the thing is, Woodies Clothing is not just another tailor made shirtmaker – it takes the business of tailoring shirt several notches up by offering details that your local tailors won’t even bother […]

Bulletproof Three-Piece Suit by Garrison

constantly worried about being a target of drive-by shooting? up till now, protection from such fear is limited to armor vehicles and cumbersome ballistic vests. the latter will, needless to say, make you look totally ridiculous for everyday work (come on dude, what will your clients think?) or least, made the most uncomfortable workwear

Men’s Luxury Gifts from Budd Shirtmakers

Christmas in now firmly upon us and if, like us, you are a little at a loss as to what to buy for the chaps in your life – be it father, brother, grandfather or just a chum – you’re going to need a little guidance in order to ensure you don’t end up doing the obligatory last minute panic buy it the gas station this year.

Roy 11oz Denim “Big Bro” Jeans

now here is the deal: usually we don’t feature jeans here, but this pair of Roy 11oz Denim “Big Bro” Jeans from Roy Slaper looks so rocking cool that we felt it would be criminal not to feature it. this pair of denim is crafted from a newly developed 11oz per square yard (in raw state, that is) lightweight fabric that has a very vintage feel and shade to it.