After supplying musicians with amplification systems for over half a century and consumers with headphones and speakers in recent time, the iconic name in rock Marshall is gearing up to offer you clothing too. Yes. You heard us. Apparels, which in itself is a totally uncharted territory for the 50 year-old England-based company. The collection, simply called Marshall Clothing Collection, is said to have drew its inspiration from “unruly band-merch of iconic rock legends.” In another words, they are simple, no frill product which any self-respecting music lovers and musicians alike would dig (read: very ‘rockish’ like what rockstar would wear).

Marshall Clothing Collection

Additionally, Marshall also team up with other musicians and creative folks like Caleb Owen Everitt (LAND), Marcello Crescenzi (Rise Above) and Sean Burke (Gnarlie Company) to create styles like Bluesbreaker, Fly By Night 1962 and Lip Service, plus classic prints such as 50 Years of Loud and Manufactures of Marshall Amplification Trademark. You can expect the collection to include blank generation standard tees, baseball tees, tank tops, zip hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts and totes. They will be available in a range of sizes, starting from XS through to XL priced at $20 and up. Available from March 02, 2015, on Marshall Headphones web store.

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Marshall Clothing Collection

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