If you have doubts about if robots could ever take over human beings, then you should really take a look at creations like the LEGO Mindstorms Guitar Robot designed and built by YouTuber Fastythefastcat. Why? Because it strums a guitar, complete with cord manipulation, to a tune and it is made out of freaking LEGO! That’s why. Granted it is cobbled together using a slightly advanced ‘toy’, the LEGO Mindstorms, which allows for programming and the works for the magic to happen. Having said that, if a ‘toy’ set can be made to do something with such complexity, then you can imagine what industrial or lab-grade components can achieved now and in the future.

Fastythefastcat’s creation may not be the most robust setup, plus it is a little noisy with all the motors and mechanical movements, but the result is no less impressive. Also, it is not as articulated as an actual robot with digits, but hey, it did cover Of Monsters and Men’s Little Talks pretty accurately, didn’t it? As the creator said it himself “it’s Lego, and it’s playing guitar.” The video, entitled “Little Talks Guitar Cover by Lego Mindstorms EV3” was posted a year ago, but it was only last month did Fastythefastcat posted a video on how the robotic guitarist was made. Keep going to catch the said videos and try to keep your jaw up.

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via Laughing Squid

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