A drone taken out of the sky by a jet ski was pure accident, but this one here was clearly intentional and thanks to the proliferation of drones, which consequently annoy the hell out of the general population, intentional eliminating of drones is not something new today. This one, however, was pretty unfortunate and cool at the same time. Why? Because it was taken down by a Russian in an ancient warrior getup with, wait for this… a spear. Now, that’s something, isn’t it? Though there’s no telling how high the drone was flying when it was compelled to obey the law of gravity. The ancient Russia warrior versus imaging drone scenario was played out when the drone in question was out capturing a historical re-enactment in Lipetsk region, in central Russia.

Details are scarce and therefore, we do not know if the drone was on an official duty and neither do we know what caused the guy to tripped (dronephobic, perhaps?) and proceed to display his spearmanship at a machine flying overhead. Obviously, the drone operator did not see it coming and honestly speaking, who would. The last thing anyone expects was man launching a spear at its beloved flying video rig. No one knows what happen thereafter. But let this be a warning for drone operators not to mess with an angry Russia warrior, especially when he has a spear in his hand. Scroll down to witness the incident unfolds right before your eyes.

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Image: screengrab via RT’s YouTube video.

via PetaPixel

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