Jet Ski Took Out $2,500 Imaging Drone From The Sky

Even if an imaging drone is being used for a legit purpose, it doesn’t mean it is safe from being taken down, as proven by a recent incident involving a jet ski. You must be thinking, “how the heck a high flying drone can be brought down by a watercraft?” Well, the true is, it happened and the video below is the evidence. The footage, uploaded by New Zealand-based surf filmmaker Guy Mac, was captured at the Yamaha New Zealand Festival of Freeride 2016 held sometime in late February. The clip shows the jet ski rider doing his thing choppy waters and at one point, hits a big one that ejects man and machine high up in the air.

Unfortunately, a DJI Inspired was in its way which lead to the Jet Ski body-slamming onto the $2,500 imaging drone, sending it plummeting into the sea. We are not sure about the aftermath, but we have a hunch that the POV footage of this freak jet ski/drone accident will eventually surface on the Interweb. Anywho, for the folks who loathe drones buzzing around while they are doing their things, I guess this is a good way to take them out. Though clearly, this was an accident and by a stroke of (bad) luck, the drone’s duty ended prematurely.

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So drone operators take note. The next time you head out to capture action sports, especially those over waters where the waves can make what’s happening below unpredictable, you better make sure to keep an eye or two out for what’s coming from below.


Posted by on Monday, March 7, 2016

Facebook via PetaPixel