Consider this as a PSA of sort. I mean, seriously, it doesn’t take a genius to know why a smartphone case in the likeness of a handgun is a bad idea. Anyways, the story went that Chicago police are advising people from using mobile phone cases that look like handguns.

We heard that when stopping a stolen car, Illinois Conservation Police officers acted quickly to apprehend a passenger’s who appeared to have a handgun strapped on the waistband only to realize that the “handgun” turned out to be a mobile phone case.

Although mobile phone gun cases are illegal in many places, they are not banned in the particular state property where the incident had occurred, a report says. Seriously, folks, don’t do ever buy and use a phone case that looks so much like the real deal.

The best case scenario is, you get arrested and the worst case scenario is, god forbids, you may get shot by some paranoia cops who, if I may add, just trying to protect themselves. I mean, it had happened even to someone who doesn’t have any firearm on them and so you can imagine the catastrophic consequence… just saying. The danger involved cannot be overstated.

Here’s a couple of images to illustrate why handgun shape mobile phone case is a bad idea:

And if you need further prove, well, there is actually a carry and conceal firearm that folds to look like a smartphone case and so, you know, mixed up can happen.

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Featured image: Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Additional images via This Is Why I’m Broke.

Source: boing boing.

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