Unless you are a blogger, journalist or an educator, chances are you never knew how bad some stock photos can be. To be fair some of stock photos that does not involved humans are pretty awesome. Personally, I have no issues with stock photos, whether the subjects are humans or not, but I can’t the say the same for University of California’s biochemistry and biophysics professor Nicole Paulk. Apparently, Paulk has an issue with stock photos and it all began when she was sourcing for stock images that “aren’t too stuffy and more realistic.”

Bad Stock Photos of My Job
Usually beakers and test tubes will be involved too. Credit: Pixabay.

In other words, something that aren’t stereotyping, or at least, don’t stereotype much. However, much to her disappointment, all she found were photos that akin much to Hollywood movies: unrealistic and stereotypical. She tweeted her dismay. And then, science blogger and former chemist came into the picture, picked up the “issue” and started the hashtag, #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob. But what did Prof found that she had an issue with? Staring. Mostly staring. She came to the disturbing revelation that stock photos depicting scientists are mostly about staring.

Staring at what, you ask? Well, pretty much everything, from chicken to grass to some mysterious colored liquids. To a layman like me, I obviously do not see anything wrong, but to scientists, their job is not merely staring and hence the issue. Now, I am sure plumbers have issues with stock photos too and so does every other trades. But hey, whoever planned for those photos obviously aren’t scientists, plumbers or any of those trades, and if so, how do they get the image of these professions? Hollywood. I rest my case. Keep going for some golden Tweets that revolved around this trending #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob.

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This one here has to be my personal favorite:

This one here should be part of Science Lab How Not To:

And here’s my second favorite because, chicken…

P.S. We don’t quite agree that stock photos of science are about staring… it is also about beakers and microscopes. Like so:

Bad Stock Photos of My Job
Credit: Pixabay.

Feature image via Layla Katiraee.

via The Verge.

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