You have seen the man turned a cement mixer truck into a huge-ass disco ball, and cruelly turned a Ford Mondeo into a firewood pizza oven and sliced a Fiat into two halves to become chip shop, now meet Benedetto Bufalino’s latest creation: Le Poteau Cédez Le Passage Skateboard, or Street Signpost Skateboard. Street Signpost Skateboard is as straight forward as an art can be; it is a skateboard that has a street signpost as the deck.

Street Signpost Skateboard by Benedetto Bufalino

It looks kind of dangerous (to others), but only if you ride it the other way round with the hollow pole facing forward. Other than that, it looks like of cool. Though I doubt it you can Ollie on that. From designboom:

“by distorting or hijacking the objects that surround us, using design, art or architecture, he offers a reflection – a game – on the functionality of our living environment.”

Street Signpost Skateboard by Benedetto Bufalino

Well, the Street Signpost Skateboard certainly achieved that. For this particular project, Bufalino worked with skateboarders from Besançon, a city in eastern France known for its rich urban sports culture like skateboarding, rollerblading and breakdancing. Yes, apparently, breakdancing is still a thing. Keep reading to find a video of the Street Signpost Skateboard cruising the street.

Images: Benedetto Bufalino via designboom.

Source: designboom.

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