Artist Created A Skateboard That Has A Street Signpost As Its Deck

You have seen the man turned a cement mixer truck into a huge-ass disco ball, and cruelly turned a Ford Mondeo into a firewood pizza oven and sliced a Fiat into two halves to become chip shop, now meet Benedetto Bufalino’s latest creation: Le Poteau Cédez Le Passage Skateboard, or Street Signpost Skateboard. Street Signpost […]

French Artist Cut A Fiat Coupe Into Two, Turn It Into A Mobile Chip Shop

You may remember French artist Benedetto Bufalino for its whimsical, quirky and poetic installations that sometimes borderline mind bending. Some of his thought provoking work include a mini excavator with an aquarium cabin, an upside down car ping pong table, a super stretched limousine bench, the Ford Mondeo pizza oven and a cement truck disco […]

Artist Turning A Car Into A Pizza Oven Is Just About The Coolest Car Mod

How do you like your pizza? Cooked over actual firewood oven? Or do you prefer pizzas made in an actual firewood car-oven? I am not even joking. Car pizza oven is real, but obviously, you won’t get to have a taste of it, unless you are a friend of French artist Benedetto Bufalino because has […]

Heard Of Construction Site Disco? Well, There Was One And It Was An Art

Disco is mainly an indoor event, but occasionally, it does occur on beaches and sometimes, even at construction site too. Well, ok, the latter was not true. Though it is true that there was a “construction site disco,” but that was just the one time at Lyon, France last week (December 8-10, 2016) and it […]