You may remember French artist Benedetto Bufalino for its whimsical, quirky and poetic installations that sometimes borderline mind bending. Some of his thought provoking work include a mini excavator with an aquarium cabin, an upside down car ping pong table, a super stretched limousine bench, the Ford Mondeo pizza oven and a cement truck disco ball – just to name a few.

Fiat Coupe Chippy Car by Benedetto Bufalino

His latest work is as thought provocative as the pizza oven that may not go down well with car lovers, but it has been made anyways. Called Fiat Coupe Chippy Car, the once handsome coupe was slice into two halves horizontal and repurposed into a mobile friterie, a food truck of sort that serves French fries. The vehicle form remains, albeit in two sections now and losing all of its original functions. It is now a functional sculpture that now keeps the public’s gastronomical needs satisfied.

“The vehicle, cut red Fiat, is literally chiseled in 2 in the horizontal direction. It loses its function of displacement to become a sculpture having the function of friterie inviting the public to the contemplation of the racing car but also to a convivial tasting in the street.”

Fiat Coupe Chippy Car by Benedetto Bufalino

The artist has teamed up with La Condition Publique in Roubaix to revisit one of the pillars of the North: The Chip Shop. If you are in Europe, you will be able to catch Fiat Coupe Chippy Car by Benedetto Bufalino in Lens, Roubaix and Bordeaux at the follow dates:

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• May 10-11, June 22-23, 29-30: Lens, as part of Odyssée
• July 5-7: Roubaix, as part of the festival Pile au RDV
• July 11-13: Bordeaux, as part of the Liberty seaso.

Images: Benedetto Bufalino via Jigsaw.

A huge shout out to Jigsaw for sending this news to us.

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