This is Orbitkey Nest. It is desk tidy that is not just any desk tidy. It is a desk tidy that goes whenever you go. An accessory to your life that maintains the desk top tidiness whether you are at your office, your home or your local cafe. And oh, it is also a wireless charging pad. Snazzy.

If you are obsessed with decluttering your desk space, the Orbitkey Nest is it and then some. Orbitkey Nest features a leather tray for a couple of your essentials, along side a wireless charging pad seamlessly integrated to the tray.

Orbitkey Nest Wireless Charging Desk Tidy

It further touts a dual hinge system that would allow the entire cover/tray to be removed for unhindered access, or flip open like a book for on-the-go access. On the inside, it features a clever foam padded interior with movable dividers that lets you customized the interior to fit the content.

On the underside of the cover/tray, there’s an elastic pouch for other miscellaneous loose items, as well as slots for card, memory card, or even a key. Rounding up the package is an adjustable pen loop on the outside and an elastic loop closure to keep the Orbitkey Nest close as it should even when it is accidentally dropped.

t has been a while since we were wowed by a desk tidy. We were so impressed that we felt compelled to share it with you even though the campaign is ending in the 36 hours. It is worth the look. But at the end of the day, whether or not Orbitkey Nest fits your lifestyle or as good as we have imagined, is really for you to judge.

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In case you think it is worth it, you may want to pick it up as a pre-order on Kickstarter for $84 or more. No. It is not cheap. But keep in mind it does have a wireless charging pad built in and so….

Orbitkey Nest Wireless Charging Desk Tidy

Images: Orbitkey.

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