Zachary A. Design Stone Furniture

Zachary A. Design Stone Furniture - Baby Van Dyke with Hive Table
(photos: Zachary A. Design) Zachary A. Design Stone Furniture Collection | from US$199.00 |

you know the problem with laying out furniture in your backyard? either they gets weathered easily or they are so light that they often landed into your neighbors’ – or both. what you need is something that’s stylishly cool and yet will not stray into your neighbor’s territory, something like the Stone Furniture Collection from Zachary A. Design. this uber cool outdoor furniture are crafted from lightweight material but with the futuristic look of solid cement. they are heavy enough to stay where they are supposed to be and yet light enough to be moved around, plus they will definitely make your garden stands out from the horde of wood-based furniture decorated backyards. the Zachary A. Design’s Stone Furniture Collection includes stools ($199), bench ($499), coffee table ($399), dining table ($649), love seat ($1,100) and a variety of other chairs and tables ($199) and they can be ordered via Zachary A. Design’s website here. hit past the jump for a few more look.

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