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Hammock Throne Is A Hammock Stand For Those Without A Backyard

You know who love hammock in his/her backyard? Homer Simpson. It is a cool thing to have at anyone’s backyard, but the thing is, not everyone has a backyard, or fancy exposing themselves to the harsh sun, or the assault of bugs. With this in mind, a fairly young hammock maker called Yellow Leaf Hammocks decided to create the Hammock Throne that essentially turns hammock into a furniture fit for the home while remaining totally outdoor-friendly (it’s weatherproof!). Continue reading Hammock Throne Is A Hammock Stand For Those Without A Backyard

Go Chair Is An Outdoor Chair That Redefines Portability And Foldability

When we think outdoor adventure. We think about the usual suspects of camping gear like BBQ gear, tents, hammocks, and whatnot, but one thing we never thought of are seats. Yes. We are talking about chairs. Unless you are OK with the dirt and the associated uncomfortable experience, you don’t need a chair. Otherwise you might want to check Go Chair. Continue reading Go Chair Is An Outdoor Chair That Redefines Portability And Foldability

Cumulus Parasol By Toer

everybody knows when to get under a shade or at least open an umbrella when the outdoor heat gets too intense, but if you prefer to let technology to do the work, then a contraption like the Cumulus Parasol, from Netherlands-based design studio Toer, might just put a smile on your face. Cumulus Parasol, presumably named after the type of cloud which the parasol’s shape is based on, is designed to automatically ‘open’ when there is sun. it is not your typical parasol where it uses an umbrella’s architecture; it goes by inflation and deflation for opening and closing. when the solar panels mounted atop of the parasol senses sun ray, it triggers a fan which in turns inflate the parasol into a puffy cloud to form what we thought as the coolest shade on earth. Continue reading Cumulus Parasol By Toer

Zachary A. Design Stone Furniture

Zachary A. Design Stone Furniture - Baby Van Dyke with Hive Table
(photos: Zachary A. Design) Zachary A. Design Stone Furniture Collection | from US$199.00 | www.zacharyadesign.com

you know the problem with laying out furniture in your backyard? either they gets weathered easily or they are so light that they often landed into your neighbors’ – or both. what you need is something that’s stylishly cool and yet will not stray into your neighbor’s territory, something like the Stone Furniture Collection from Zachary A. Design. this uber cool outdoor furniture are crafted from lightweight material but with the futuristic look of solid cement. they are heavy enough to stay where they are supposed to be and yet light enough to be moved around, plus they will definitely make your garden stands out from the horde of wood-based furniture decorated backyards. Continue reading Zachary A. Design Stone Furniture