You know who love hammock in his/her backyard? Homer Simpson. It is a cool thing to have at anyone’s backyard, but the thing is, not everyone has a backyard, or fancy exposing themselves to the harsh sun, or the assault of bugs. With this in mind, a fairly young hammock maker called Yellow Leaf Hammocks decided to create the Hammock Throne that essentially turns hammock into a furniture fit for the home while remaining totally outdoor-friendly (it’s weatherproof!).

Hammock Throne by Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Hammock Throne is a standalone furniture that fits Yellow Leaf Hammocks’ collection of 100 percent handwoven hammock, allowing you to place it in the living of a tiny city apartment, outdoor patio, or just about anywhere you fancy. Basically, it is a freestanding hammock like the Tammock we have seen earlier, except it is more for home as a furniture. OK. It is more of a chair, a hammock chair, to be precise, that also swivels 360 degrees, providing you with a “womb-like” comfort.

Hammock Throne by Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Beyond the awesome of the furniture, Yellow Leaf Hammocks, which was founded in 2011 by Thailand-based founders Rachel Connors and Joe Denim, has a bigger agenda. The duo wants to break the cycle of extreme poverty for the Mlabri people of Northern Thailand, particularly the women, by creating sustainable jobs for them.

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Each hammock is 100 percent handwoven in Thailand by artisan weavers who are paid a stable, healthy income. More than 200 mothers are employed long-term, allowing them a stable job to help feed the family and get them out of the slavery of debt. So, not only these hammocks give you a place to chill, you’d be helping some unfortunate folks too. That’s win-win right there.

You can find Hammock Throne peddling for fund on Kickstarter where you can pre-order a unit for $1,299-1,499. That’s for the throne itself. As for awesome hammock, it is available in variety of colorways and patterns, goes for $199 a pop. You can also “design your own hammock” if you order it on Kickstarter. The campaign is funded and so, yeah, your pledge for a product is a pre-order.

All images courtesy of Yellow Leaf Hammocks.

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