Hammock is a brilliant way to lay back and chill out in the great wilderness, but what if you are out in the open like, say, a canyon, where trees are almost non-existence? Well that, my friends, calls for Tammock by LIT Outdoors. The ingenuity of Tammock lies in it being a freestanding hammock. In fact, it is a hammock/tent hybrid, which is best of many worlds and then some.

Tammock Freestanding Hammock Tent

Like what more can you ask, right? A tent that lets you slip, elevated from the ground, consequently, protecting you from the elements and bugs, is just pure genius. Who needs an air mattress when the air IS your mattress, right?

Tammock Freestanding Hammock Tent

Other notable features include double-zip doors for unobstructed views of the front and back, waterproof rainfly to keep rain out, built-in storage pockets on the sides and top, the ability to be used with or without the tent (and without trees, of course), and a cool, collapsible design that packs down into a cool carrying case for easy transportation.

Tammock Freestanding Hammock Tent

Well, that can we say? This camping gear is absolutely LIT! The only caveat is, this being a hammock, it designed for a single person. Also, you ought to make sure to pitch it down when you set this thing up, or else any huge gust would sure to make this the world’s first flying Taco. Jokes aside, there is something else we need to commend on this particular new kid of camping gear.

Tammock Freestanding Hammock Tent

It is on Kickstarter, but unlike many companies, it don’t tease you with features that you need to pay more to get. The aforementioned features and functions, i.e. the frame, tent, hammock and the works, all come as standard, and best of all, it can be have for $299. Just a friendly reminder though, do not procrastinate for too long though because, that price is not going to last forever.

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The campaign is funded and so, technically speaking, your pledge constitutes to a pre-order which LIT Outdoors say will be fulfilled sometime in September 2019.

Tammock Freestanding Hammock Tent

Images: LIT Outdoors.

Source: Dude.

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