I do not have the luxury of consuming mineral water for my daily hydration need. I am old school. I drink water piped to my home, boiled. Plus, I use reusable bottle to contain it when I head out. Really, you should be ashamed if you depend on mineral water because, you are a contributor of more plastic waste. Seriously, you should stop doing that. But if you really must consume mineral water at home, then you should really look forward to evian renew.

Stylized as evian (re)new, renew is the UK mineral water brand’s answer to a less plastic waste future. It is a connected in-home natural mineral water appliance (read: water dispenser) with a specially designed bubble made of 100 percent recycled plastic (rPET) that is collapsible. The pill shaped (or at least half it is) clear container is made with 66 percent less plastic than a 1.5 liter Evian bottle and stores up to 5 liters of Evian mineral water.

Evian Renew Home Mineral Water Dispenser

What makes this dispenser so unique is, it contracts (or shrinks, if you will) in size as water are dispensed. So, it will never be the pill shaped as the content reduces. There’s no video on how it actually works, but my guess is, the contraction is somewhat like a crush-as-your-drink effect that would eventually reduce the container to many times smaller than it originally was for easy recycling. That said, the rPET skin is, of course, 100 percent recyclable.

The dispenser is app-connected and works with the evian (re)new app that can serve to track the amount of water you have consumed and also notify you when a refill is required. evian (re)new is part of the company’s effort of working towards a circular economy by 2025 and the ambition plan to be carbon neutral by the year 2020.

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Those are admirable goals, but call me a skeptic or whatever, I never believe carbon neutral is possible for any business, ever. As long staff drives or take any form of transport to work, or flies for overseas assignments, there will always be carbon footprint. Same applies to logistics. Though, electric commercial vehicles like those from Tesla and Xos Trucks (formerly, Thor Trucks) may alleviate the issue of carbon footprint somewhat.

Anywho… regardless of my views about carbon neutrality, it does not discredit what evian is trying to achieve. It is, as said, an admirable effort. Though, I would rather not consume bottled water if I have a choice as my way of not generating more plastic waste than I already have. But that’s just me. evian (re)new will go on trial in Paris and London starting next month with 200 selected consumers. Pricing and availability are not known at this point.

Images: evian.

Source: Luxury Launches.

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