Remember Draft Top? The cool gadget that takes the top off canned beers and the device that makes canned Corona make sense? Well, the team is back with a new iteration. Thanks to the feedback from users, the Draft Top LIFT has been re-engineered.

2022 Draft Top LIFT Beer Can Opener

The new Draft Top LIFT now lifts and removes the lid from the can cleanly, without the need to push down on the lid or remove it with your fingers. This makes it even easier to use that even “your grandmother can use it.”

Moreover, it is now rocking a larger lanyard hole for easy attachment of the lanyard of your choice.

What you can do with an open top can need no detailing. But you need a refresher… a can with a completely open top lets you garnish your drink – like adding a slice of lemon on your Corona, for example, add ice and/or spirits to spice up the drink, and have a better draft experience since its essentially a cup now.

2022 Draft Top LIFT Beer Can Opener

With the top removed, you can repurpose and reuse the cans as cups or even a planter if you wish. And since you can use it like a cup, you’d be eliminating the use of single-use plastic cups too.

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The Draft Top LIFT features gripped, spring-loaded handles that are ambidextrous.

The new Draft Top LIFT Beer Can Opener is available now for US$24.99. Draft Top is running a promo where if you use the code “10PERCENT-UCAPIN” you will receive a 20% discount.

2022 Draft Top LIFT Beer Can Opener

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2022 Draft Top LIFT Beer Can Opener
2022 Draft Top LIFT Beer Can Opener

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