Draft Top Beer Can Opener

This is Draft Top. It is kind of like a can opener for, well, beer cans. Bottled beers have bottle opener and now, canned beers have beer can opener too. Like, seriously, who needs to sip off a canned beer when you can chug it?

Draft Top Beer Can Opener

Draft Top tool is a patent-pending bar tool that lets you remove the top of almost any can entirely. It is a tool that makes shotgunning looks stupid. That’s right I said it. Shotgunning IS stupid. Want to drink canned beer quickly? Use Draft Top.

Lets be honest. This is a significant development in the canned beer drinking world. Beer should be consumed in a mug and this contraption is the closest you can get to that experience from a can.

Also, canned Corona finally makes sense cos’ now you can actually pair it with the all-important lime. Plus, you can reuse the topless cans to grow greens, or use them as stationery holder. What’s not to love?

Get it on Kickstarter within the next 15 days for a discounted price of $16-19. The campaign is funded and production is already underway, btw. Expect to be greeted by this awesome tool sometime in March-April 2020.

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[UPDATE January 16, 2022; 11:09 PM PST] The Draft Top is now available to buy from drafttop.com for US$24.99.

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Images: Draft Top.