Bicycle with Mechanical Walking Legs by The Q

Remember Theo Jansen’s incredible kinetic sculpture, Strandbeest (which also happens to have a toy version)? Well, YouTuber/maker extraordinaire most noted for creating stuff out of cardboard, The Q, has incorporate that complex walking mechanism into… a bicycle. Yes! A walking bicycle!

To be clear. The Q’s “walking bicycle” is NOT a tricycle that you walk on to get it moving. It is a bicycle that literally walks, albeit just only the rear wheel (ermm, or now legs?). Seriously, how cool is that?

Bicycle with Mechanical Walking Legs by The Q

I am sure Theo Jansen will be proud even though it isn’t wind-powered. It is still 100 percent eco-friendly, though.

At this point, I can’t help but to wonder if it is possible that have the front in Strandbeest-style walking mechanism as well. It is probably doable, just that the steering part may be a little tricky. Anyways, keep going and have a look at the quick build process and also the Strandbeest-cycle in action.

Images: YouTube (The Q).