walking not only gets you to point a-b, but it is also a good form of exercise. however, there is a limit to how fast a person can walk, and that’s not to mention the impact walking has on the knees of those who has knee injuries. the solution? the Me-Mover. it is kind of like an elliptical fitness machine, but designed to travel. propelling it forward is simply by standing on the pedals and stepping, just like your would for walking, and this innovation exercise-cross-transportation equipment will bring you along a smooth and stable journey. a three-wheel trike design offers enhanced stability, control and balance so the whole riding process feels like a natural extension of walking or jogging.

Me-Mover Elliptical-style Trike

the concept of elliptical-style bicycle is not new; we have seen the ElliptiGO which employs the same concept, but what Me-Mover has to offer is size. it is compact and maneuverable enough to take to the streets, big or small, whether you are hitting the park trails for an exercise ‘walk’ or just popping by your local grocer, or even strolling through the busy local Sunday flea markets. it sure beats ellipticalling on this spot with nothing but a/c and Fox news, doesn’t it? now all it need is a trusty front basket so that it can actually be use for our daily supermarket trip.

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Me-Mover Elliptical-style Trike

the Me-Mover can be pre-ordered now through its Kickstarter campaign page for $999 with delivery slated for August 2014. however, the sub 1 grand price tag won’t be there for long; only 200 units are available at this special price and of which 130 have already spoken for. though you still can get it for $1,099 after the special has been snapped up.

Kickstarter via Gigazine

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