Yes. It has happened! The Far Side, the single-panel comic created by American cartoonist Gary Larson that once graced newspapers, finally has an official home online. True fans will understand the significant of this event.

Over the 15 years it ran on thousands of newspaper across the world, The Far Side’s surrealistic humor has captured the hearts of many. The beauty of The Far Side, it puts a smile on your face with just ONE panel.

The Far Side Comic Finally Goes Online

Sadly, Larson sealed his pen some 25 years ago and he didn’t think much of the digital world until today. Until now, it has never been officially online, save for some fans’ projects which where asked to be removed. Well, now, fans can stop infringing on Larson’s works in the name the love for this beloved comic.

Over at, you can get your daily dose of Gary’s offbeat sense of humor in The Daily Dose. If that’s not enough, there’s the Comic Collections that has a different themed collection of Gary’s classic cartoons updated weekly.

The Far Side Comic Finally Goes Online

In addition, you will be able to dive into exclusive, never-before-seen extras, including sketches from the man’s personal Sketchbooks and starting in 2020, the website will periodically unveiled new work (yes!) by Larson.

And yes, the man is alive and kicking. Gary even took the time to craft a humor-filled, heartfelt letter addressing to all his fans on The Far Side official website. I do recommend you read it. We assure you it is definitely worth the read.

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It has a page that leads you to Gary Larson books available on Amazon:

The Far Side Comic Finally Goes Online

Images: The Far Side.

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