everybody knows when to get under a shade or at least open an umbrella when the outdoor heat gets too intense, but if you prefer to let technology to do the work, then a contraption like the Cumulus Parasol, from Netherlands-based design studio Toer, might just put a smile on your face. Cumulus Parasol, presumably named after the type of cloud which the parasol’s shape is based on, is designed to automatically ‘open’ when there is sun. it is not your typical parasol where it uses an umbrella’s architecture; it goes by inflation and deflation for opening and closing. when the solar panels mounted atop of the parasol senses sun ray, it triggers a fan which in turns inflate the parasol into a puffy cloud to form what we thought as the coolest shade on earth.

there’s no mention of power source for the integrated fan, so we are assuming that the solar panels are also responsible for feeding the fan with the necessary juice. it takes just 20 seconds for the parasol to inflate to its full two meters diameter. additionally, the ‘cloud’ is purposefully curved, forming an aerodynamic form which its maker claimed could withstand windy conditions. though it does not actually specify the threshold of the Cumulus Parasol. the shade itself is crafted from nylon material which is durable, lightweight and strong, while silicone coating gives this outdoor parasol the necessary waterproof property. when the sun ducks, the parasol will deflate automatically.

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also, you can disable the parasol with an on/off switch found on the pole to prevent it from activating when you don’t want it to. we are not sure how sensitive is the solar panel and sensor rigged to it; if it is too sensitive it might trigger a cycle of inflating and deflating whenever the clouds move to block the sun temporary which can happen quite often. anyway, not that you will able to buy one anytime soon cos’ there is no word if it will ever be made. catch the Cumulus Parasol in action in a short clip after the fold.

Cumulus Parasol By Toer

Studio Toer via Digital Trends

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