Bizarre $640 Head-worn Box Cuts Out Buzz, Lets You Think In Darkness

Sometime we hear people saying “Man, I need some personal space to think things over,” but the truth be told, with all the distractions around us in this modern world, can even find any personal space at all? Actually, you can, if you hit up the mountains and huddle yourself inside a remote cave, or […]

Belgian Designers Created Cushy Gold And ‘Vegetables’ Stool You Can Sit On

Furniture is one group of products that is never lacking of innovation and creative designs. We have seen quite of fair number of them here and the Sit On Everything Soft Cube Furniture by Belgium startup Benj&Soto is yet another. In fact, it is not just “yet another”; it is going into our list of […]

Dutch Company Makes Beautiful Furniture Out of Skateboard Decks

Anyone who skateboards knows that skateboard deck is pretty hardly and makes quite a nice seat when not skateboarding, which is why it makes perfect sense to take comfy deck and turn them into seats that you can use at home. That’s exactly what Breda, The Netherlands-based outfit Baked/Roast, which is an anagram of the […]

The Tipsy Stool: When Rocking Chair Meets A Stool

what has a rocking chair and a stool have in common? absolutely nothing, but that doesn’t stop Tinsel & Timber from marrying the two together to create this unique rocking stool. no typo here. it is really a stool that rocks – literally. (very aptly) dubbed Tipsy Stool, this rocking stool is handcrafted from solid […]