Third Drawer Down Novelty Giant Food Stools

Animal-themed stools are cool and fun to kids. Adults who yearned for standout furniture pieces in their home should look at these gag-ish novelty stools from Australia’s Third Drawer Down.

Third Drawer Down Novelty Giant Food Stools

As you can see, these stools are based on food – including donuts, hamburger, ice cream and our favorite, corn cob with bits chewed off. Unfortunately, the latter does not includes those bits that were chewed off. I guess they are in some giant’s guts by now.

Anywho, these novelty stools are made of resin and good for both in and outdoors as a stool, seat, table or footstool. These are literally giant food stools. See what I did there???

You can find them selling on Third Drawer Down with a starting price of US$101. But you prefer not to foot the shipping that is inevitable with buying outside of Australia, we heard Urban Outfitters is selling them too at US$210 a pop.

If you are into giantism, you should grab these stools along with the giant-ass AirPods too. Just a suggestion though.

Images: Third Drawer Down.

Source: Technabob.