The market is certainly not lacking of outdoor security cameras. As a matter of fact, there is a variety of it to suit different needs, but the truth be told, there’s not one that shines in simplicity like the remo+ Over-The-Door Smart Camera and IMHO, clever placement. As the product name implies, this smart security camera is designed to be placed over-the-door. Therefore, there’s no adhesives to mess with and neither are there be holes, and that makes it easy to be moved if you ever need to relocate to another house or apartment.

remo+ Over-The-Door Smart Camera

The ease of placement and removal is one thing, but I think remo+ Over-The-Door Smart Camera truly shines in positioning; it is on top of the door and can be placed right smack in the middle, so you’d get a good coverage of the area in front of the door. That is something many security cameras today failed to address. And oh, it is the first in the market, btw.

remo+ Over-The-Door Smart Camera

remo+ Over-The-Door Smart Camera is battery powered, lasting up to a year before the 3 D-cell need replacing, and it is wireless and hence, there’s no cables to deal with. Via WiFi, so you can monitor your front door from wherever. Speaking of WiFi, it brings us to another boon. When hanged over the door, the remo+ Over-The-Door Smart Camera’s antenna and WiFi chipset will be inside the home, thereby eliminating the issue facing many WiFi camera, which is transmitting through obstacles like thick exterior walls.

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remo+ Over-The-Door Smart Camera

Other features include HD quality video streaming, 160-degree wide angle view, 2-way audio communication, built-in motion sensor with customizable sensitivity, night vision capability, supports both Alexa and Google Home device, and a weatherproof construction. There’s subscription that will allow you to access all videos within the last 30 days from your phone, but that will cost an additional $3 a month (or $30 a year) on top of the $199 for the hardware.

remo+ Over-The-Door Smart Camera

Images: Olive & Dove/remo+.

Source: The Gadgeteer.

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