RS#2 Foosball Table by RS Barcelona

RS-2 Foosball Table by RS Barcelona Stainless Steel Finish
RS#2 Foosball Table by RS Barcelona | from US$4,800.00 |

who doesn’t love a game of (sometime violent) foosball? we know we do and as you may have guessed, as a slave to style, a classic foosball table that’s predominantly wood is not going to cut it unless you have a hillbilly pub set up in your pad but that’s beside the point. the point is, a contemporary home deserves a foosball table that matches it and as such, going with a stainless steel foosball table like the RS#2 Foosball Table by RS Barcelona, you could never go wrong as far as interior decor is concerned. trust us. not only you will be the dude with extraordinary taste but your house will thank you for that. what’s more, the layout of the miniature skewered players (4-4-2, 4-3-3 or whatever you fancy) and choice of team colors are totally customizable and that’s on top of a choice of colors available for your choosing. other details include stainless steel or steel construction, rubber-soled levelers and cup holders for four players. available in stainless steel finish or polyester paint finish in a choice grey, white, black, red and pink. yes, it comes in pink. isn’t it a nice touch? but they are not (even remotely) cheap. each RS#2 Foosball Table by RS Barcelona goes for $4,800 for the polyester painted version while the stainless steel finish will set you back at about $5,300, and we have yet to talk about shipping.

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