Hermès Takes Foosball To The Luxury Realm With A $68K Foosball Table

Yup. You heard that right. A freaking $68K foosball table only from Hermès. Never would I have imagine the Parisian fashion house to turn out “luxury” recreation equipment, let alone a foosball table. But here it is, the Hermès Foosball Table. It is real, it is outlandishly lavish, and it is probably one of the […]

This Flat Pack Cardboard Foosball Table Lets You Bring The Game Anywhere

everybody loves a game of foosball, but not everyone has the means of acquiring one. buying the table is no biggie, but top the purchase with the shipping and handling, and it is going to hurt your wallet real bad. plus, at this age and day, it makes no sense to buy something you can’t […]

Competition Foosball Table

foosball is a game of football when you can’t get out and play, but to us, a foosball table is more than just a piece of leisure equipment – it is a piece of art and also a decorative furniture that kind of adds character to any man cave or family game room. as such, it is only appropriate to grab the best looking work out there that oozes with style

Post Foosball Table

the next time when you are tempted to pick up another electronic gadget to fulfill your leisure and/or entertainment need, why not stop and opt for a less ‘harmful’ alternative like the old school foosball table? seriously, not only you save yourself from dumping an electronic waste to the landfill (well, eventually), but you are also saving some of the precious

RS#2 Foosball Table by RS Barcelona

who doesn’t love a game of (sometime violent) foosball? we know we do and as you may have guessed, as a slave to style, a classic foosball table that’s predominantly wood is not going to cut it unless you have a hillbilly pub set up in your pad but that’s beside the point. the point is, a contemporary home deserves a foosball table that matches it and as such, going with a stainless…

Classic Match Foosball Table for iPad

a pinball gamer controller for iPad seems like a no-brainer but a foosball table for iPad? really? is it even feasible? apparently it is, as proven by New Potato Technologies’s Classic Match Foosball Table for iPad. you heard that right, miniature foosball table contraption designed for the large iPad and though small, it is not lacking in features. the ‘table’ features eight functional…

Panna is an extraordinary Foosball table cast in concrete

i am not a huge fan of soccer but for some reasons, foosball never fails to attract me. it is unexplainably addictive and i would think, it is a game that will never go out of style. that said, it is only…