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Hermès Takes Foosball To The Luxury Realm With A $68K Foosball Table

Yup. You heard that right. A freaking $68K foosball table only from Hermès. Never would I have imagine the Parisian fashion house to turn out “luxury” recreation equipment, let alone a foosball table. But here it is, the Hermès Foosball Table. It is real, it is outlandishly lavish, and it is probably one of the most luxurious, if not the most luxurious, foosball tablet there is today. Featuring a maple construction, wrapped in Swift calfskin, the Hermès Foosball Table is all about elegance and attention to details. Attention to details like satin metal hardware (knurled where appropriate), stitched leather handles, carefully color matched score posts, and highly detailed soccer players who are, in the spirit of the fashion label’s branding, actually jockeys. Continue reading Hermès Takes Foosball To The Luxury Realm With A $68K Foosball Table

This Flat Pack Cardboard Foosball Table Lets You Bring The Game Anywhere

everybody loves a game of foosball, but not everyone has the means of acquiring one. buying the table is no biggie, but top the purchase with the shipping and handling, and it is going to hurt your wallet real bad. plus, at this age and day, it makes no sense to buy something you can’t bring along and share with your friends. the solution? the Flat Pack Cardboard Foosball Table aka Kartoni Box Kicker 2.0. as the product name implies, it is the foosball table you love, but it comes flat packed like Ikea’s furniture and can be quickly put together without glue, screws or tools. in other word, it kind of surpasses Ikea’s ingenuity. most importantly, it cost a fraction of the wooden behemoth and since it is made of cardboard, it is also lightweight, tipping the scale at less than 20 lbs (9 kg), which means it won’t weight you down with ridiculous shipping cost and on top of that, you can flat pack it down and bring it to your bud’s pad or wherever whenever you wish. Continue reading This Flat Pack Cardboard Foosball Table Lets You Bring The Game Anywhere

Competition Foosball Table

foosball is a game of football when you can’t get out and play, but to us, it is more than just a piece of leisure equipment – it is a piece of art and also a furniture that kind of adds character to any man cave or family game room. as such, it is only appropriate to grab the best looking work out there that oozes with style, so that for those times you ain’t twisting those sticks, you can just sit back, relax and admire the beauty, and we think this Competition Foosball Table from Restoration Hardware pretty much nails it as far form and functionality goes. crafted in Spain from electropolished stainless steel and matched to iroko wood-made legs for an extra touch elegance, this football table will find itself perfectly at home, indoor or outdoor and thanks to its integrated levelers, you can be sure it will stay level even on uneven surfaces such as grass. Continue reading Competition Foosball Table

Post Foosball Table

the next time when you are tempted to pick up another electronic gadget to fulfill your leisure and/or entertainment need, why not stop and opt for a less ‘harmful’ alternative like the old school foosball table? seriously, not only you save yourself from dumping an electronic waste to the landfill (well, eventually), but you are also saving some of the precious and historic materials from ending up in the landfill if you pick up this Post Foosball Table. one stone kill two birds, i’d say and it comes with a fringe benefit too: it looks pretty damn gorgeous and i dare say unlike any foosball table we have seen to date. the Post Foosball Table is a one-of-the-kind foosball table created by Vietnam-based Post and is handcrafted from reclaimed hardwood and solid cast iron that result in an irresistible rustic charm. if you asked us, we’d say this makes a great piece of heirloom furniture. Continue reading Post Foosball Table

RS#2 Foosball Table by RS Barcelona

RS-2 Foosball Table by RS Barcelona Stainless Steel Finish
RS#2 Foosball Table by RS Barcelona | from US$4,800.00 | www.rs-barcelona.com

who doesn’t love a game of (sometime violent) foosball? we know we do and as you may have guessed, as a slave to style, a classic foosball table that’s predominantly wood is not going to cut it unless you have a hillbilly pub set up in your pad but that’s beside the point. the point is, a contemporary home deserves a foosball table that matches it and as such, going with a stainless steel foosball table like the RS#2 Foosball Table by RS Barcelona, you could never go wrong as far as interior decor is concerned. trust us. Continue reading RS#2 Foosball Table by RS Barcelona

Classic Match Foosball Table for iPad

Classic Match Foosball Table for iPad
Classic Match Foosball Table for iPad | US$99.99 | www.newpotatotech.com

a pinball gamer controller for iPad seems like a no-brainer but a foosball table for iPad? really? is it even feasible? apparently it is, as proven by New Potato Technologies’s Classic Match Foosball Table for iPad. you heard that right, miniature foosball table contraption designed for the large iPad and though small, it is not lacking in features. the ‘table’ features eight functional two-axis control bars with elastomer handles, scoring markers on each end, a rugged construction realistic table with foldable legs for ease of transportation and storage Continue reading Classic Match Foosball Table for iPad

Champion Pro Professional Foosball Table

Champion Pro Professional Foosball Table
(image: Made.com) Champion Pro Professional Football Table | £299.00 | www.made.com

owning a football table or foosball table, if you prefer, is something of a dream of many. well, if you have yet to buy one, perhaps it is time to do so, especially when it costs just £299 (about US$467) to own one. let’s just say this is an earlier Christmas present for yourself. this fine foosball table here, aptly dubbed the Champion Pro, is crafted from MDF with smooth finish and features hand painted player figurines, and chrome steel telescopic arms with wooden ergonomic handles for the classic look. the Champion Pro measures 1500mm long, 760mm wide, and 910mm high and weighs just 70kg, making it easy to relocate around the house. check out more images of the Champion Pro after the break. Continue reading Champion Pro Professional Foosball Table

Panna is an extraordinary Foosball table cast in concrete

Panna Foosball Table 544x388px

i am not a huge fan of soccer but for some reasons, foosball never fails to attract me. it is unexplainably addictive and i would think, it is a game that will never go out of style. that said, it is only natural that a foosball table cast in concrete that reminisces of a street soccer game has my attention in an instant. instead of the usual wood or MDF board materials, the Panna Foosball Table is cast in concrete and has a 2-a-side set-up. Continue reading Panna is an extraordinary Foosball table cast in concrete