foosball is a game of football when you can’t get out and play, but to us, it is more than just a piece of leisure equipment – it is a piece of art and also a furniture that kind of adds character to any man cave or family game room. as such, it is only appropriate to grab the best looking work out there that oozes with style, so that for those times you ain’t twisting those sticks, you can just sit back, relax and admire the beauty, and we think this Competition Foosball Table from Restoration Hardware pretty much nails it as far form and functionality goes. crafted in Spain from electropolished stainless steel and matched to iroko wood-made legs for an extra touch elegance, this football table will find itself perfectly at home, indoor or outdoor and thanks to its integrated levelers, you can be sure it will stay level even on uneven surfaces such as grass.

perfect for a game or two hand twister (and hysterical screaming) the next time you hit the grass patch for some smoking BBQ party. well, that’s not going to happen in another six months or so, so in the mean time, it stay comfortable in your fireplace-equipped game room. the Competition Foosball Table can be yours in exchange for a cool $3,995. not cheap, indeed, but so are the rest of the Foosball Table we have featured here. conclusion? Foosball Table, especially the rad-looking ones, is never cheap. take a few more look at this beauty in the image gallery below.

Restoration Hardware via Wingman

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