Ai-Da The Humanoid AI Robot Artist Second Exhibition

Imagine a future where humans are appreciating art… created by A.I. robots. Wait a minute. Don’t need to imagine, because that is already happening. The world’s first ultra-realistic humanoid AI robot artist, Ai-Da, not only held her first solo exhibition; she already selling her work of art too.

Ai-Da The Humanoid AI Robot Artist Second Exhibition

The first exhibition had come and go, but fear not if you have missed the first exhibition because, there is a second show and you can actually purchase Ai-Da’s artwork for a duration of two weeks.

In addition, if you so desire, you can even commission Ai-Da to create a unique work for you.

Ai-Da may not be the humanoid we have seen in movies and TV shows, but she sure is an advancement. Hell, she even did a TEDx Talk too. Well, folks, such is the future we are living in.

Ultra-realistic Humanoid AI Robot Artist

Why do have the Altered Carbon images flashing through my mind now? Like, you know, the super rich enjoying whipped up by robots.

You can learn more about Ai-Da AI Robot Artist over at her official website and also inquire on how you can invest on her arts.

Images: Ai-Da.