IKEA x LEGO BYGGLEK Storage Collection

Well, what do you know? The collaboration between Swedish flat-pack furniture giant IKEA and Danish toy maker LEGO is not a LINNMON/ADILS table made out of LEGO elements. Instead IKEA x LEGO collab is a playful storage solution called IKEA BYGGLEK.

IKEA x LEGO BYGGLEK Storage Collection

IKEA x LEGO BYGGLEK Storage Collection consists of a series of storage boxes with, you guessed it, LEGO studs. Along with a special brick set, BYGGLEK collection aims to encourage play and adds fun into storage around the home – specifically in kids’ spaces.

BYGGLEK will let kids escape into their own imaginations and the best part (for parents, that is), there’s not much cleaning up to do. It just a matter of chucking the LEGO pieces into the BYGGLEK storage – if they haven’t already become part of its decoration fueled by kids imaginations.

IKEA x LEGO BYGGLEK Storage Collection

But seriously, there shouldn’t have a lot to clean up when what the children are playing with is pretty much the storage itself. I guess that makes this a win-win solution. Maybe?

IKEA x LEGO BYGGLEK Storage Collection is slated to hit existing IKEA retail channels across Europe (Russia, excluded) as well as North America starting October 1st. The rest of the world can also be expect this super fun storage solution to reach them sometime this year (2020).

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All images courtesy of LEGO Group.