the next time when you are tempted to pick up another electronic gadget to fulfill your leisure and/or entertainment need, why not stop and opt for a less ‘harmful’ alternative like the old school foosball table? seriously, not only you save yourself from dumping an electronic waste to the landfill (well, eventually), but you are also saving some of the precious and historic materials from ending up in the landfill if you pick up this Post Foosball Table. one stone kill two birds, i’d say and it comes with a fringe benefit too: it looks pretty damn gorgeous and i dare say unlike any foosball table we have seen to date. the Post Foosball Table is a one-of-the-kind foosball table created by Vietnam-based Post and is handcrafted from reclaimed hardwood and solid cast iron that result in an irresistible rustic charm. if you asked us, we’d say this makes a great piece of heirloom furniture.

the attention to detail on this piece of work-of-art foosball table is amazing. the black iron elements are in abundance and yet, ‘just enough’ not to make the table looks like a piece from the Victorian era. even the goal posts are of iron, including the nets, and each “players” as purposefully abstract, giving it the added appeal. the only downer (especially, to some hardcore soccer fans) is, the abstract players won’t have any jersey design on them, but then again, you won’t want some jersey graphic to mar this piece of work of art, do you? you can acquire the Post Foosball Table through ABC Carpet & Home online store for a princely sum of $5,995 a piece. take a few more look with the limited number images below and be your own judge.

ABC Carpet & Home via Uncrate

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