HuntKey Surge Protected Power Strip

What good is a power strip if does not protect the equipment that are plugged to it? This is the rationale behind HuntKey Surge Protected Power Strip which protects not one, not two, but all 12 American standard outlets onboard. 12! TBH, I can’t remember the last time we see a power strip with this many outlets and all surge protected.

Even rarer is one with this many outlets AND 3 USB charging ports with a combined 15W/5V/3.1A. With so many outlets and USB ports, in theory, the HuntKey Surge Protector Power Strip should be able to charge and/or power 15 devices simultaneously. All told this little guy packs 4,000 joule, enough to power computers, printers, telephones and more.

HuntKey Surge Protected Power Strip

Other noteworthy mentions include integral copper design for chance conductivity, improved switch elasticity for satisfying click, made of flame-retardant material, 6-feet heavy duty UL listed cord with cable organizer, keyhole mounting slots, and built-in smart IC chipset for auto detecting devices and output current/voltage accordingly to ensure optimal charging.

You can find HuntKey Surge Protected Power Strip on Amazon selling for $33.99. Sadly, it is only available in white.

Images: HuntKey.