a power home improvement person calls for power tools to aid in the various home improvement works cos’ who doesn’t want to get a job done faster so that you can kick back and relax to whatever you love doing most. the Makita BFR750 LXT Cordless Autofeed Screwdriver is just one such power tools that could cut the amount of time you need screwing around (pun absolutely intended) significantly. if you have endless panels to install using screws, you might end up with carpal tunnel by the time you finish when done manually, or if traditional power screwdriver is used, you’d be fumbling and digging for those small screws – both which are needless waste of time. this is precisely why you will need the Makita BFR750 LXT Cordless Autofeed Screwdriver, so you can be more efficient, well, at least on the panel mounting tasks.

fitted with a 4,000 RPM 4-pole motor and high collated screw capacity that accepts a range of screws (anything from 1-3/4″ to 2-15/16″), this 5 pounds (2.3 kilograms) power tool will make home improvement an enjoyable, shorter process. it comes standard with two 18V LXR lithium-ion batteries that charges to full in just 30 minutes. the battery pack is something Makita is particularly proud of: it is said to be 40 percent lighter (when stacked up against traditional Ni-Cd battery packs, presumably), runs longer, and has five-time lower self-discharge so you can be sure that your power tool remains active and ready to deploy anytime. you can grab the Makita BFR750 LXT Cordless Autofeed Screwdriver off from Amazon now at a very special price (almost half price, we heard) of just $419.

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Makita BFR750 LXT Cordless Autofeed Screwdriver

Makita via Gear Hungry

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