xDrill Is The Drill Of The Future, Featuring Built Laser Measure, Digital Leveler And More

Drilling a hole is more than just picking up a drill and starts drilling. It entails measuring, knowing how deep to drill and very importantly, ensuring it is level at all times. As it turns out, there is a more efficient way that lets you ditch leveler and measuring altogether, and that way is the […]

A.T. Field by Workson Evangelion Power Tool Is A EVA Unit-01-themed Sander

Remember the range of A.T. Field by Workson Evangelion-inspired work tools? Well, there is one more to add to the list. Joining the collection is a Dremel-like handheld power tool designed for scale modeling sanding from Kakuri Sangyo Co., Ltd. (as with the previous tools which we failed to mention).

KwikPro Modular Power Tool System: All Your Power Tool Needs In One Case

For people who does home improvement, decluttering the garage is almost an impossible task. That said, if you find yourself piling the garage with variety of power tools like sander, reciprocating saw, power drill, angle grinder and whatnot, then perhaps KwikPro by UK-based Power Tool Systems Limited may be what you need in your home […]

Startup Robotized CNC Machine, Made It Routs Autonomously

Throw everything you know about CNC out of the window because there’s a new type of CNC machine that rewrites the notion of Computer Numerical Control. If don’t already know, in a traditional CNC machine, a chuck with drill bit (or whatever tool necessary) goes about cutting and drilling a material based on the program […]

Dremel Unveils “First-Of-Its-Kind” Desktop DigiLab Laser Cutter

Dremel, the name most commonly associated with handheld tools for hobbyists, have up its own game with the first-of-its-kind Dremel DigiLab Laser Cutter. Unveiled at this year’s World Maker Faire New York, the Dremel DigiLab Laser Cutter is a laser printer/flatbed scanner-like desktop gadget (albeit a lot larger in terms of physical size) that is […]

BLACK+DECKER GoPak That Powers Tools Also Serves As Portable Battery

You need the power tools and you have your small gadgets, such as mobile phone, by your side as you work on home improvement and therefore, it kind of make sense that the battery that powers the power tools you need can also serve as a backup battery for your all-important mobile phone. Understanding this, […]

Meet The World’s First Handheld CNC Machine And Yes, It Is Real

CNC, or computer numerical control, is not dead, but its popularity has no doubt dwindled as among DIY-ers and low scale operations look towards 3D printing. However, assuming if CNC is dead to DIY-er, well, then I supposed this little machine here could be the spark that will rekindle DIY-ers interest in including CNC in […]

The World’s Smallest Working 3D-printed Cordless Drill is No Bigger Than Your Index Finger

To be clear, we are not sure if it is really the ‘world’s smallest’ 3D-printed cordless drill, but looking at how small it is and the fact that it is actually a working drill, it doesn’t really matter. It is still something to behold. And yes, it wasn’t a typo; this thing actually works. For […]

Metabo Introduces New Brushless Impact Wrench, Has 295 ft-lbs of Torque

with the advancement in electric motors and battery technology, it is a matter of time that all power tools head towards the cordless path. though it is obvious that having everything running on battery pack may pose another set of environmental problem, but that besides the point – the point is, being untethered offers the […]

Three-In-One Dremel Ultra Saw Puts Pro Power In Your DIY Jobs

any x-in-1 power tools (‘x’ being the number of tools) that cross our path will definitely have our loving attention and for obvious reason: we can have at least one less tool in our cluttered-beyond-hope garage. so when Dremel introduces a power saw that promised three functionalities in one sleek, compact package, it has our […]