Enhulk 930 Electric Leaf Blower by AiDot

In the past, a rake was the go-to tool for handling dead leaves, offering a good workout but demanding too much time. Then came the leaf blower, a godsend for clearing leaves. However, not all leaf blowers are equal. Plus, no one wants to inhale the emissions from traditional fossil-powered blowers. That’s where the Enhulk 930 Electric Leaf Blower by AiDot steps in.

Enhulk 930 Electric Leaf Blower by AiDot

Obviously, electric leaf blowers are not new. But AiDot’s Enhulk 930CFM Handheld Leaf Blower redefines leaf-clearing with its unmatched 930CFM airflow and a potent 58V battery, offering up to 120 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning.

Its innovative turbine technology and siphon nozzle design ensure superior efficiency and durability. The blower boasts user-friendly features like variable speed control, turbo mode, cruise control, and an EZ-HMI LED panel.

Priced originally at $299.99, it’s available at $189.99 with the battery pack and charger using code ‘enhulk9d‘ in the #BeyondBlowing campaign on Amazon. For smaller yards, the lighter Enhulk 730, priced at $169.99 with the battery pack and charger, is also available on AiDot’s website and Amazon.

P.S. We are not sure if the coupon is still working.

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Images: Enhulk.