want to be the coolest mum or dad on the block? then be sure to look out for the Longboard Stroller, a concept stroller conjured up by stroller specialist Quinny and design agency Studio Peter van Riet that defies the norm of a stroller design by incorporating a baby stroller to a longboard. but why a longboard with a stroller? the explanation put forward by Quinny was one that’s pretty profound, but to sum things up, the Longboard Stroller aims to give parents living in an urban environment, the freedom to move and to travel longer distances in an environmentally responsible way. sure, it is true that you could have a motorized stroller or sort (or a buggy even, if your city allows), but that wouldn’t be as green as something that’s powered by your very own legs, would it? moreover, if have always loved longboard, this stroller lets you continue with your passion even if a child comes into your life. well, except that, with this contraption and your precious little one onboard, thrills like speeding round obstacles and dashing down hill have to be omitted. you know, for safety sake.

already drooling for one? let’s not get too ahead of ourselves and starting digging for our credit cards cos’ the Longboard Stroller is at its development stage – in another word, it is still a concept which your money still can’t buy yet. however, do keep your eyes peeled on the Longboard Stroller’s blog and Facebook page for updates and follow the project’s progress. somehow, we have this uncanny feeling that this may turn up in Kickstarter eventually, but that’s just what our guts say, so don’t take our words for it. anyway, check out the awesomeness of the Longboard Stroller in the embedded video below.

Longboard Stroller via Cool Things

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