unlike vintage bicycles, contemporary two-wheel pedal-powered rides look best without fenders (aka mudguards) and naturally, comes without any. on a dry day, that doesn’t seem like a huge issue, but when the weather gets wet, that’s when you will have back full of problem – literally. any cyclist knows this: that rear wheel never fails to kick up some unwanted grime on your date night shirt. it sucks. we know. but still, we persist, we wear raincoat and try all sort of trickery to avoid putting on a fender that could solve the problem – all in the name of aesthetic. this is where the MUSGUARD, a removable bicycle fender, can help. it is a fender, but one that is totally removable when you don’t need it. die-cut from recyclable polypropylene plastic sheet, the MUSGUARD features a unique folding system, allowing it to be mounted right above your ride’s rear tire to ward off water and mud.

the beauty of the MUSGUARD is, there’s absolutely no mounting or parts to mess with that will mar your beautiful bike’s aesthetic and best of all, installation is swiftly done without any tools at all. and when you done using it, just remove it and roll it around your ride’s frame, chuck it into your backpack, or hang it on your keychain. sleek and simple. the MUSGUARD is yet another brilliant Kickstarter project, which means you can secure yourself one by making a pledge of $20 or more. since the project has well surpass its minimum funding goal, you can expect this removable bicycle fender to ship sometime in July. catch the MUSGUARD in action in the video below.

Kickstarter via HiConsumption

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