Tokyo Metropolitan Police Drones with Nets

With the proliferation of drone technology, drones are becoming more and more accessible and hence, posing security threats. I mean, drones could be use to better our lives, but to anyone with criminal intents, it could use for more sinister purposes. While some may dismissed this drone phenomenon as an undue worry, Japan government begs to differ. Just earlier this year in April, a drone with radioactive material was found on the roof of the Prime Minster’s office, which sparked concerns about drones and their possible use for terrorist attacks.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Drones with Nets

Tokyo metropolitan police is quick to act and have since formed an anti-drone squad that’s tasked to capture errand fliers found flying in no-fly zones like the Prime Minister’s office and the Imperial Palace. Instead of picking these tiny flying intruders off the sky, Johnny Dronehunter-style, Tokyo police will use “interceptor drones” equipped with a 10’ by 6.5’ net, suspended under the craft’s skids, to snare rouge drones and ground them safely.

When a rouge drone is detected, the police will first snoop out the pilot and warn him or her to back off. If the pilot fails to comply, the police will scramble the interceptor drone and scoop it out of the sky. However, this measure is visual dependent as drones are too small be picked up by radar, which got us thinking: shouldn’t there be a drone detection system that could sniff out those rouge eyes in the sky? You can see the anti-drone demo in the video below.

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via Engadget via NY Daily News