if the day comes when drones freely roam the sky, will you feel your privacy being threatened? i bet most people will. while personal drone detection system can help keep things in check, they still can’t do anything beyond informing you of the presence of these ‘mechanical flies’. lucky for us, in the not-too-distant future there is Johnny Dronehunter whom you can depend on to keep the sky squeaky clean. this tattooed, metal music-loving, privacy patriot will go around picking out drones off the sky, you know, in the name of privacy. well, kind of. while Johnny Dronehunter may sounds like a hero to rise from the potential privacy apocalypse, he is not real. at least, not yet.

Johnny Dronehunter

created by Utah-based SilencerCo, Johnny Dronehunter is a fictional hero created to promote the company’s recently announced first commercially-viable shotgun silencer, the Salvo 12. in this drone murder-filled commercial, we see bald head Johnny’s blissful ride through the desert disrupted by drones and he had, but no choice to do what he do best: take out the threat. he pulls up, and whip out his Salvo 12-equipped 12 gauge shotgun (of course!) and start taking out the privacy-intruding drones – all without drama and alarming anyone, if there’s anyone even, in the vicinity.

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Johnny Dronehunter

we must admit that this advertisement had our full attention and kind of hits the sweet spot of the current sentiment with regards to free-flying drones. it is not to say that privacy apocalypse is imminent, but it is a real concern and a concern that is not exclusive to the United States. that said, there is no need to go to the extreme, so don’t go around shooting down anything yet. keep going for the said promotion video and as always, be entertained.

YouTube via The Verge

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