If you want stand out this Halloween, or in any costume party for that matter, you need to be in a getup that is really, really radical and at the same time, fun. If that is your wish (to stand out and make people smile), I think the Get Me Outta This Cage Gorilla Costume from HouseHaunters will fit the bill perfectly. Why? Well, the costume is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Get Me Outta This Cage Gorilla Costume will make you look like you are a captive of a clueless gorilla.

Get Me Outta This Cage Gorilla Costume

The kit comes with a full gorilla suit, a PVC cage, harness and fake knees. Captives attire and boots are not included, though. You might want to pull out your vintage safari getup to make for a more convincing look. There are a ton of costumes out there, but for some reason, we are amused by this costume. It may not scare away spirits that roam the Earth on this day, but it will certainly put smiles on any mortal’s face.

It is not cheap, though. If you want one, then be prepared to drop $179 for a set.

Images: HouseHaunters.

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