Mepro Foresight Augmented Reality Sight: “Video Game Tech” Realized

You know how some movies and video games depicted gun optics with a bunch of parameters? Well that, my friends, is no longer a fiction because, this tech is now found on the Meprolight Mepro Foresight.

High-Tech Trigger Gun Lock Unlocks Your Gun Using Fingerprint In 300 Milliseconds

Here’s a brilliant gadget for gun lovers. Called IDENTILOCK, this high-tech trigger lock for pistols is designed to prevent unauthorized access to your gun. It prevents your weapon from being use by anyone, including children, other than you without having to lock it away in cumbersome gun safe.

Dene Adams Corset Is A Corset-style Conceal Holster For Ladies

We all know men and women are different physically and therefore, concealing firearm for ladies is never the same as men. But ladies do have at least one place where they can conceal small arms that men don’t. Hey, hey. Don’t think dirty! It is concealing under the bra that we were referring to. Now, […]

See-through Suppressor In Super Slow-mo Is Strangely Mesmerizing To Watch

When it comes to gun suppressor, AKA silencer, people often laugh at how Hollywood portrays it as a stuff of absolute silence. Obviously, that is not the case, but that does not discredit what this gun accessory tries to achieve and the science behind it. Until now, we have ably read about the theory on […]

Gunsticles Give Your Firearm Balls And Yes, Gun Nuts Is A Thing

Believe or not, gun nuts is a thing now. I know it sounds a little wacky, or even weird, but like I said, it is a real thing and surely, this being 2017, nothing is quite impossible, really – including gun testicles. Developed by Working Rich Laboratories, the aptly named Gunsticles was born out of […]

Flashbang Holsters Let Ladies Carry Their Conceals Under The Bra

Ladies who exercise the right to bear arm would have as much of a headache as one who doesn’t. How so? Fashion. That’s the hurdle there. More often than not, ladies’ getup are tight and body hugging and that leaves little or no room for discreet carrying of firearm without alarming anyone. But there’s actually […]

This Handgun Clip-on Attachment Will Put a Brake on a Fired Bullet

A handgun is designed to kill or maim, but when in the hands of a law enforcement officer, it is not necessary the case – thanks to an innovative clip-on device called The Alternative from Californian company called Alternative Ballistics. The Alternative clips onto the handgun front and is designed to slow down the projectile […]

TrackingPoint ShotGlass Shooting Glasses is Like the ‘Google Glass’ of Hunting and Shooting

When we first read about how Texas-based TrackingPoint was exploring the use of Google Glass with the outfit’s Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) system few months ago, it didn’t occur to us that the company will actually create its very ‘Google Glass’ dedicated for hunting and shooting, but it did, which is a good thing because […]

Johnny Dronehunter Defends Your Privacy By Picking Off Drones From The Sky

if the day comes when drones freely roam the sky, will you feel your privacy being threatened? i bet most people will. while personal drone detection system can help keep things in check, they still can’t do anything beyond informing you of the presence of these ‘mechanical flies’. lucky for us, in the not-too-distant future […]

Utah Company Invents A Shotgun Silencer And This Is What It Sounds Like

shotguns have been the weapon of choice for home protection and hunting, well… at least for localities that actually allows them, but despite its popularity, shotgun owners have shun the use of ear protections for a variety of reasons like the need for quick, sudden response in the event of a home intrusion or perhaps, […]