A pistol such as a Glock 19, for example, does not offer the stability and expandability of a rifle or submachine gun. That is a fact. But thanks to a conversion kit like the Micro Conversion Kit or MCK, these aspects can be enhanced.

Gen 3 MCK Micro Conversion Kit for Glock Pistols
Available in a choice of finishes, including Ghost Camo (illustrated above) and a crazy cool Clear.

With an MCK you can easily turn your favorite Glock into a more expandable platform with superior handling. That said, CAA USA, the maker of tactical accessories, optics, and more, has introduced a new version of its popular MCK, the Gen 3 MCK.

The latest generation of MCK will work with a range of Glock handguns and can be used with a huge array of slide-mounted optics. Using the new Gen 3 Charging Handle, you can use any aftermarket slides, sights, or optics inside the MCK.

Gen 3 MCK Micro Conversion Kit for Glock Pistols
You can choose to set up the stock to fold to the left or right.

For those who are obsessed with accessories, you’d be glad to know that the Gen 3 MCK will have more Gen 3-specific options and accessories, including a new CAA USA Gen 3 Charging Handle, a carry handle upgrade, thumb rests, front flip-back up sight, and more.

You can learn more about the new CAA USA Gen 3 MCK Micro Conversion Kit for Glock over at the product page where you can also pre-order a unit for US$349 or more in a choice of colors (including an insanely cool transparent variant too!).

Gen 3 MCK Micro Conversion Kit for Glock Pistols
Stability, superior handling, and Picatinny rails for all the accessories you can imagine.

Images: CAA USA.

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