We don’t do a lot of shorts or trunk here because, unless it is uber classy or has some novelty factor in it, we see no reasons we should. I mean, if it looks like a pair that you picked up from Walmart bargain bin, it is hardly worthy of a mention, is it? Having said that, the Sloppy Tunas All-Terrain Travel Shorts isn’t from the supermarket bargain bin, or else it wouldn’t be here. It is here for good reasons. Firstly, it is freaking good looking (hopefully, the models did not create that illusion).

Sloppy Tunas All-Terrain Travel Shorts

Secondly, it is super eco-friendly and thirdly, it has a unique and dare we say, amazing, waterproof pocket that makes you look like a dude or dudette from the future. Well, kind of. We need not detail the first point. It is really quite self-explanatory. Though I have to admit that “good-looking” is very subjective. Anywho… Sloppy Tunas All-Terrain Travel Shorts (or if you will, trunk) is made by a small family-owned workshop in Portugal from 100 percent recycled polyester from plastic found in the ocean – specifically the Mediterranean Sea.

“With a vertical production process with controlled traceability, we recycle some of the plastic collected, turning it into granules, yarn and fabric based on responsible manufacturing. The result are recycled fabrics meeting all quality standards.”

Furthermore, Barcelona-base Sloppy Tunas claims that in manufacturing each shorts, taking it from waste plastic to the final product, it saves 20 percent water and 40 percent energy, emits 50 percent CO2 and uses 7 plastic bottles. As a trunk, it is water repellent (because, polyester, duh) and interestingly, it comes with a specially designed, unique waterproof pocket that lets you bring your wallet, phone or passport with you when you jump into the lake. Well, that kind solves to where do you put important EDC when you want to get into the water, doesn’t it?

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This waterproof pocket deserve some mentions because, not only it is waterproof to 100 feet (30 meters), it is anti-theft too and perhaps more critically, it lets you store your valuables 4x times quicker – thanks to double seal, neodymium magnets design. I am totally enamored by the waterproof pocket. Not going to lie. Other noteworthy details include an elastic waistband, breathable, odor blocking, super quick dry, super lightweight, seamless design and “vegan-friendly.”

You can find Sloppy Tunas All-Terrain Travel Shorts campaigning on Kickstarter where you can secure a pair for July delivery for €69 (about US$78). Available for both gentlemen and ladies. As you are pondering this potential investment, you may want to catch the pitch video below to learn more.

All images courtesy of Sloppy Tunas.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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