Do you know, Xiaomi also has a washing machine? Yup. They sure do and the sleek white appliance you see here is, I believe, the company’s first. There is no fancy name here; it is just called Mijia (basically Mi Home) Connected Dryer Washer. It is designed for 10 kilograms (22 lbs) load and as the name implies, it handles both washing and drying. As a washer, it touts 21 smart washing cycles and uses a Nidec BLDC (Brushless DC) that offers 1,400 RPM spin speed.

Xiaomi Connected Washer Dryer Machine

Like many intelligent washers of today, Mijia Connected Dryer Washer detects the amount of laundry loaded based on the weight and dispense the level of water according to minimize wastage. As a dryer that take your laundry from wash to dry in an hour, while the dryer providing a kill rate of bacteria of up to 99.9 percent.

Xiaomi Connected Washer Dryer Machine

In addition, it is outfitted with 4 shock absorbers and two shock absorbing suspension springs setup mimicking a car’s suspension system, along with 3 interlocking plastic-coated counterweight balanced blocks, intelligent software and anti-eccentricity design that allows the dryer to spun the water out of even the most absorbent garments, including sweaters, quickly and without vibration.

Now, those who have used a dryer will know how violent a dryer can get. Sometimes it is so violent that you may think it is designed to be mobile. Anyways, having less or no vibration also means product longevity because, as any engineer would have tell you, vibration is perhaps engineering’s greatest enemy. Not to mention it is an annoyance to any close by, including your goldfish and cat.

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Other noteworthy mentions include a touch panel control on high-strength tempered glass, a large 480 mm (19 inches) heat resistant front loading cover that promised not to burn you (again, dryer users will understand why), a patented corrugated side panel with shock absorption and noise reduction qualities, instant stop and open for times when you need to add laundry into it (man, seriously, you gotta work on your memory!), child lock feature, and finally and obviously, it is app-enabled.

Xiaomi Connected Washer Dryer Machine

With the companion app, it allows you to control the washing, keep track of the washing process whenever, wherever, and alert you when a wash cycle ends or if the washing cycle has somehow failed (it will???). Even more cooler is, after 40 times of use, the app will prompt you to initiate a self-cleaning sequence. Leveraging on the high temperature element, Mijia Connected Washer Dryer Machine will sterilize the washer, eliminating up to 99.9 percent bacteria.

Xiaomi Connected Washer Dryer Machine

With Xiaomi’s first dryer washer, it wants you to know that this handsome white goods is not just about beauty and performance; it is designed to last too. Starting with a 10-year warranty and a series of rigorous test on the drawer, doors, water drain pipe, and even a drop test. Wait, what? Is Xiaomi expecting someone to pick the washer up and drop it? Hmmm. Interesting.

Anywho, Xiaomi is already selling the Mijia Connected Washer Dryer Machine in China for 2,499 yuan, which is equivalent to US$372, or there about. Seriously, that’s crazy affordable based on what it has to offer, don’t you think?

All images courtesy of Xiaomi.

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