golfing probably ranks pretty high up in the list of sports of eternal frustration and it applies to everything from getting the right club configuration that suits you to striving for that extra yards while on the fairway. thanks to the technological advancement in the science of golf, you have the Callaway FT Optiforce Drivers to make your golfing life a little sweeter. the FT Optiforce drivers will be offered in two models: a massive 460cc head which is more forgiving and the 440cc head that’s less forgiving but offers more penetrative ball flight. whichever model you choose, these will be the fastest clubs to join the Callaway arsenal. featuring a lightweight construction (a tad heavier if using the optional shaft, but still light by any account) with forged composite crown, the FT Optiforce Driver might just be the one club that fits all – thanks to the advanced Optifit technology which allows for the flexibility of the loft adjustment (plus-minus 2 degrees) and lie bias to either Draw or Neutral. in short, you will have 8 configurations to suit you playing style and together with a significantly lighter head, shaft, an advanced aerodynamic head shape, you are well on your way to getting higher clubhead speed, which translates to faster ball speed and greater distance (gosh. think i really need that!).

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both models will come standard with a 43-gram Project X Velocity shaft, while a 62-gram Mitsubishi Diamana S+ will also be offered as an option. the Callaway FT Optiforce Drivers are available for pre-order now for a new product introductory price of $399. meanwhile, for those who are into the marketing mambo jumbo and technicalities of these drivers, you can learn more in the 13-minute long video below.

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