being a mega James Bond fanatic, you probably have amassed tons of movie memorabilia. however, you can’t really call yourself a hardcore fan of the not-so-discreet silver screen MI6 agent unless you own one of the iconic rides Mr. Bond used on screen, such as the 1977 James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine Car from the movie The Spy Who Loved Me. if you are thinking there’s no way that this elusive ride is going to land in your garage, then you’d be wrong. as it turns out, the world’s one and only 1977 James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine Car is actually going under the gavel come this September (8-9) in the Queen’s land.

so, it will be at the Battersea Park, London that you will have a shot at snagging this bad ass amphibious ride home and boy, are we anticipating a frenzy bid for it. what do expect? it is, after all, the one and only fully functional submarine car that was designed to propel underwater and the very same “wet nellie” that had seen actions on set. but considering its age, it is best to leave this awesome icon on dry land and also, we doubt any of those weapons will be included. we are totally excited to see iconic car going on the block, well, not that we will be attending and giving it a shot, but because it was the car responsible for naturing our love for automobiles and gadgets.

Source: RM Auctions
via Autoweek

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