ask any hobbyists or home improvement enthusiasts what they wished for and they will probably tell you 3D printers and CNC rigs are on the top of their list. well, now that we have quite a healthy servings of 3D printers going round the market, it is the CNC machine that isn’t. lathe, yes. traditional milling machine, yes. but one that’s smart like CNC aka Computer Numerically Controlled machine and still won’t break the bank, is far and few between. but that’s until the Handibot Smart Digital Power Tool comes along. the Handibot Smart Digital Power Tool is not just a CNC milling rig, but one that’s totally portable and fully capable of performing tasks way beyond its compact stature – as long as the required jigs are in place, it can pretty much mill and cut whatever you fancy.

for the uninitiated, CNC machine is a godsend equipment where it lets you repeatedly, machined parts with utmost precision, in accordance to a set of pre-programmed routine, usually by manual input (much like entering coordinates) into its integral computer or with data from programs such as AUTOCAD. sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? you bet it is and that is probably the next biggest barrier (apart from the price) to enjoying the awesomeness of CNC machining. however, the Handibot simplifies the process and effectively removing that steep learning curve associated with CNC machines, and presents to you with task-specific apps executed from a tablet or smartphone. and since it is portable, you can pretty much deploy the Handibot anywhere, even at the job site.

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instead of spending five figures for a full-fledge, non-movable CNC rig, the Handibot Smart Digital Power Tool can be yours for an early bird price of $2,400 and up. now, that’s really affordable considering a full-blown rig will set you back at no less than five figures, brand new. check out the product’s Kickstarter pitch video after the break to learn more. btw, the project has well surpassed its initial funding goal and if you make the pledge, you can expect this wonderful power tool to ship sometime in September. unfortunately, due to certification and power requirement, Handibot will only be available to US customer for now. for keen international customers, be sure to get on their mailing list, so you will be in the know once the team works out the international availability.

Kickstarter via Desire This

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