if Captain Kirk had heard of the Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch, then he probably would be ashamed that he still has to hold a device in his hand to communicate with his crew when the Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch does it right off the wrist. of course, the Kreyos Meteor isn’t the first smartwatch in the market to do that, but it is certainly the first waterproof, interactive smartwatch that offers two-way communication functionality in a package that fits on your wrist. think of it as the real life Dick Tracy watch, but with a whole lot of features that the eight decades old plainclothes cop could only dream about.

first and foremost, it tells time, but thanks to its built in 3-axis accelerometer and gyrometer, it is also an activity tracker and a built-in ANT+ receiver, compatible with hundreds of ANT+ sensors, lets you monitor performance as you cycle or run. naturally, these data will be sync with your iPhone, Android or Windows 8 devices, as well as the cloud, where goals can be set and data shared with your social circle. speaking of social circle, the Kreyos Meteor also connects you to your social media networks such as Facebook, so you can check on the updates and messages directly from your wrist.

in a nutshell, the Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch lets you do your smartphone things and more with the benefits of customizable gesture control (for e.g. control music) and voice control (such as replying text messages, hands free) – all without having to pull your phone out of your bag or pocket. the Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch can be yours for $119 or more via crowdfunding platform INDIE GOGO. the project is already over 470% funded as we speak – which means the Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch is a reality and will be reaching the backers before Christmas.

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