Other Machine Co. Outs New-Gen Desktop Mill That’s Faster And Quieter

3D printing is all the rage now, but if you prototype a lot, you will realize that while 3D printer opens up to rapid prototyping, it is not without shortfall, namely, material limitations. Most affordable 3D printers print plastics and the one material is clearly not for all prototypes. This is where a good old […]

Nomad CNC Mill Wants You To Turn Your Desktop Into A Workshop

with 3D printer being all the rage today, it is easy to forget the good’ol, but highly versatile CNC mill machine. that said, if you are in for a machine that will provide you with the flexibility to create, or even to supplement your 3D printer, the Nomad CNC Mill might be a worthy candidate. […]

Handibot Smart Digital Power Tool

ask any hobbyists or home improvement enthusiasts what they wished for and they will probably tell you 3D printers and CNC rigs are on the top of their list. well, now that we have quite a healthy servings of 3D printers going round the market, it is the CNC machine that isn’t. lathe, yes. traditional milling machine, yes. but one that’s smart