Luna Robot: personal robot coming soon to you [photos]

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(credit: RoboDynamics / SchultzeWORKS) RoboDynamics Luna Robot | US$tbc |

Luna may not be the robot that will sprint back home to get an inhaler for his asthmatic master but it is one step closer to owning a personal robot. developed by SchultzeWORKS for RoboDynamics, Luna is mobile in multiple directions and has special ‘hands’ that can be positioned for various activities including the mandatory tray holding position and holding a leash to walk your dog. for the latter, i certainly hope the lower part of Luna is pee-proof cos’ the dog may just pee on her to take ownership.
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word has that Luna will be coming soon to consumer but just exactly when? we have absolutely no idea. however, what we know is that she will be available in standard and limited editions that’s limited to just 1,000 units. accordingly to its developer, SchultzeWORKS, ‘Luna’ “is the world’s first personal robot integrating three unique feature sets: Luna is (1) completely expandable via expansion ports, (2) fully programmable with open standards and, above all, (3) affordable.” speaking of which, there’s no indication of it’s ‘affordable’ price tag either.

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RoboDynamics Luna 800x500px RoboDynamics Luna 800x500px RoboDynamics Luna 800x500px RoboDynamics Luna 800x500px RoboDynamics Luna 800x500px

Schultze Works via CrunchGear

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